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The productivity tool built for your patients and your clinicians

We understand the challenges that healthcare organizations face in providing quality care while ensuring efficiency in daily operations. That's why SMARTCharts has developed a tool to help automate documentation workflows for clinicians in speech, occupational, and physical therapies while providing personalized patient progress visualizations.

How we work

Our web-based tool is EHR agnostic, making it easy to integrate with existing systems. With SMARTCharts, you can create standardized, customizable goals, notes, and visuals, delivering a modern user experience for patients and clinicians. Our proprietary approach enables clinicians to quickly produce quality data inputs and functional documentation that complements your EHRs, reducing paperwork and improving productivity.


See what SMARTCharts can do
for your organization today

SMARTCharts is unique in the market, providing dynamic, personalized visualization to tackle therapeutic rehabilitation inefficiencies. We believe that visualization and efficiency are the keys to improving the clinical experience for all stakeholders in the care hierarchy. Join us in transforming healthcare operations, one chart at a time.

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